Apr 30, 2011

From Nasugbu with love!

Ever imagined living in a place where you can just go to the beach, take a hike, climb a mango tree, eat the best tasting halo-halo,  devour fresh sea foods, munch sugarcanes, gorge homemade sweets, rest under the century old acacia trees, play your favorite sports or have some fun any time you want?

If you live in this 1st class municipality (soon-to-be-city) at the tip of Western Batangas, you basically knew what I’m talking about. If you live in the other parts of the country/world and just happen to know Nasugbu, you will think that this is just another place near the beach, nothing more and nothing less. But if you have visited this place even once, and then twice, I’m sure that you will keep coming back for more.

Its proximity to Manila made Nasugbu one of the most popular choices for beach goers, mountain climbers and weekenders. Based on the recent survey from StratPOLLS, the Tagaytay-Nasugbu Tourism Corridor is the top holiday travel destination for those who prefer to travel by land.  From the masses to the elites, there’s always a perfect place for them to stay in Nasugbu. No wonder why TV stations (ABS-CBN and GMA 7) have chosen Nasugbu as one of their favourite shooting locations for their TV series and short flicks.

Well so much for the intro, this blog will take you to the different parts of Nasugbu as well as to the other parts of the country (and hopefully the world...). Anyhows, let us follow the dictum to explore our very own first before anywhere else.  “Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan!”  J

This is where my journey starts, and this is where I'll always come back...  home...