Sep 26, 2011

Rock Rizal @ MOA part 2

              This is the 2nd part of the Rock Rizal Concert 2011. On my first post, which you can find here, I posted a video of Ely Buendia singing Huling El Bimbo. And as promised I already uploaded on my youtube channel the other 2 videos I shot. Anyway this is Gloc-9 featuring Jaq Dionisio with Elmer:
                This is actually the first time I watched Gloc-9 performed live. I’ve wanted to see him perform ever since the release of Bagsakan with Parokya ni Edgar and the late Francis M. I was so close to seeing him during the Rizal @ 150 concert at Luneta last June 19, but due to bad weather, I was forced to go back home instead. Then when Rock Ed Philippines and National Historical Commission of the Philippines released the Rock Rizal Album earlier this month, I downloaded it all and wished they will conduct a concert. And then after a week, they’ve announced that they will be having a FREE Concert. And then, the rest is history, including this next performance. This is an impromptu performance as you can hear Ely uttering at the end “sabi sa inyo walang practice eh” (I told you we didn’t practice at all)
                That performance completed my night. It’s also the first time I watched Pepe Smith performed live. Just barely 2 weeks ago (1 week before the concert), I missed the chance to take a photo of Pepe Smith at the Rogue 4th Anniversary party at the Republiq in Resorts World Manila. He arrived late at exactly the time I was leaving the venue. But when I saw this free concert on my FB news feed, I crossed my fingers and looked forward to see Pepe Smith as I knew he was the drummer of Ely Buendia’s contribution to the Rock Rizal Album, the Bungo sa Bangin. But to everybody's surprise, Mar Dizon, the country's leading jazz drummer and a member of the Side A band joined Ely and Pepe for the above number. Three legends in one song. Speaking of legends, I also have this opportunity of having beside one of the country’s leading documentarist during the concert, no other than Mr. Howie Severino.
            A night to remember indeed. Rock and Roll for the new generation - The Rock Rizal Concert 2011. And I know that's only the beginning. You can bring Rock Rizal to your town/schools; contact Rock Ed Philippines for more details.

Sep 23, 2011

Pic of the Week!

            Title: Little Ben
Location: Andres Bonifacio College, Dipolog City, Zamboanga Del Norte
Photo Taken: August 28, 2011
The Story: My first time in Dipolog, well actually my first time in Mindanao... I already saw this during the day and never thought it could be any more beautiful. Luckily after touring Dapitan, the group went out to dinner. We stopped at a bank near the entrance of Andres Bonifacio College to withdraw some money. Then I saw this magnificent clock tower that reminds me of Big Ben in London. You can't help but noticed it because it's the only one that's lit around the campus from my point of view. Since I didn't took some daylight shots of what will I call as "Little Ben", I can't show how different it is at night. But for me, this is way better...;-)

Sep 21, 2011

This is the Philippines

                Everytime I see foreigners around (mostly walking), I always felt delightful. Especially when they’re enjoying everything they see here in our country. Sometimes trying to speak a little Filipino, even joking around with someone they just met for the first time. But those are usually the backpackers. They just came here for a limited time, hopping around trying to go as much places as possible. They leave with their Philippine Experience, and we just hope they come back for more.
                But there are also those that don’t just leave with their experiences, they share it with the world. Here’s a video from a Foreign Exchange Student who studied here for 4 months. The Philippines as he saw it:

Sep 18, 2011

Rock Rizal @ MOA part 1

            It's been a while since I last wrote a blog entry. Anyway I was very fortunate to attend the first ever ROCK RIZAL Concert last Sept. 16, 2011 at the SM Mall of Asia by the Bay for FREE. 
ROCK RIZAL: Celebrating Jose Rizal's life & works through rock & roll is a project of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and Rock Ed Philippines. Performers included in the lineup were  Ely Buendia, Pepe Smith, Gloc-9, Sandwich, Ebe Dancel, Radioactive Sago Project, Jett Pangan, Peryodiko, Paolo Santos (guest appearance) Gab 'N Josh and Reese & Vica, Gracenote, Turbo Goth, Liyag, Fragile and Anarah. This is still a part of the yearlong Rizal@150 Celebration. This is the last performance of the night, courtesy of Ely Buendia and Pepe Smith, Ang Huling El Bimbo.

             More videos to come, or you can check my Youtube Channel for the upcoming videos of Gloc-9 with Jaq Dionisio, and the jamming between the 2 legends above!
             You can also download Rock Rizal album here.

Sep 2, 2011

Pic of the Week!

            Title: Calesa - Wheels of Life
Location: Ocampo St., cor. Harrison St., Manila, Philippines
Photo Taken: June 03, 2011
The Story: We set for an ocular visit to our proposed field destinations on a quite unassuming, rainy day of June. We visited the newly-built Mabuhay Temple of a Buddhist congregation located at P. Ocampo St. The Filipino staff were very gracious in accommodating our request, she let our group explore the exhibits and Buddhist images in the first floor, as well as welcomed us at the main hall of the temple at the third floor, where a gigantic Gautama Buddha stood as centerpiece. After which, luck was with us as, the temple's Venerable Master personally treated us with serenity tea and vegan snack. Each one of us were given a good luck charm at the end of our visit.
Next stop - Metropolitan Museum. On our way, we were caught in heavy traffic along Harrison St. Sitting by the window of our vehicle, instead of getting pissed off by the heavy traffic, i tried to delight my vision with the surrounding vehicles, in all shapes and sizes. The photo above caught my attention so much as it represents an irony of sorts, from economics, politics to philosophy, one can actually say a lot of things from this picture alone. Trapped in heavy traffic, under the pouring rain, surrounded by all kinds of motored vehicle, there in the middle stands the lowly calesa - home and shelter to this family with no other wealth in the world but a horse-drawn carriage, or not even that. So much for ironies, life really is complicated.