Oct 28, 2011

Pic of the Week!

            Title: Bones
Location: Taal, Batangas
Photo Taken: October, 2011
The Story: Halloween Special! We recently had a meeting at Taal for our heritage group, the Heritage Conservation Society-Batangas. The 2nd meeting I attended and the first time I brought my camera. We met at Galleria Taal (which has a very good collection of old and working cameras-recommended for professional photographers and photo enthusiasts) or the Ilagan-Barrion Ancestral House by the invitation of Mr. Manny Inumerable (fellow HCS-Batangas member). After the meeting, we were asked by our head if we would like to visit the Spanish Cemetery (which the group visited when they met with the Taal Active Alliance Legion).  Of course I said yes! We arrived at the cemetery, well it's not really an open cemetery, it's more of like a lost cemetery. It's privately owned by one of Taal's Municipal Councilor and requested to have this cemetery be dug up by professional archaeologist. While roaming around the site I found this part of the skull and a thigh bone I think and a broken gravestone which has an 1890 inscription. Now I'm excited to "join" the digging when it happens.

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