Nov 25, 2011

The Nasugbu Fiesta that was last year!

It’s this time again of the year that everyone here in town are busy preparing, decorating and of course practicing not for Christmas but for the annual Nasugbu Fiesta aka Fiesta De Los Toros. The first Fiesta de los Toros, highlighting bull runs was conceptualized to pay tribute to our town’s patron, St. Francis Xavier, a native of Navarre, Spain.  Started last 2006 and celebrated during the 2nd and 3rd of December, some of its activities are the Parada de los Torros which features cows and carromatas in a colorful parade, each with distinct theme representing Filipino creativity; Blessing of the cows, through the intercession of St. Francis Xavier  the community prays that the male and female cows will be blessed by God and that good quality Batangas beef may be produced in the future; the Bailar ala Toro, a dance competition participated by various schools in Nasugbu; the Suwagan ng Toros, where paper mache cows ran after spectators of the parade and the Fireworks Display, which is the festival’s last official act.
Here are some of the highlights of last year’s Nasugbu Fiesta De Los Toros:
Students portraying Nuestra Senora Virgen de la Escalera (feast day Dec. 02) and St. Francis Xavier  (feast day Dec.03)

Students from Balaytigue Elementary School dancing on the street

Participants from BSU-ARASOF

Students of Panuca Elementary School during the 5 minute presentation

Spectators at the Old CADP locomotive at Plaza De Roxas

The drums and bugle of Calayo Elementary School 

Opening salvo of Brgy. Papaya Elementary School Mini Band

Lyre exhibition of Brgy. Pantalan elementary School Mini Band

Natipuan Elementary School Mini Band getting ready to perform

Street Dancer of I.B. Calingasan Memorial Institution

This year the Nasugbu Fiesta De Los Toros will start on Dec. 01 (Thursday) until Dec. 03 (Saturday). Almost the same program as last year but i'm still looking forward to it. Hopefully you could visit our town next week and enjoy the beach, the sun and a free festival!


  1. i'ved missed a lot...........lalo na un pag laboy sa gabi para mag bingo.....