Dec 30, 2011

Lakbay Jose Rizal Heritage Trail: Rizal's Execution Site, Rizal Park

             My second stop of my Lakbay Jose Rizal’s Heritage trail. This is the exact location of Rizal’s execution on December 30, 1896. If you’re facing the Rizal Monument, the execution site is located at the left side of the park. 

NHCP's Historical Marker near the entrance of the execution site

             There's a black granite wall at the entrance inscribed with Rizal's Mi Ultimo Adios and inside are eight tableaux of life-size bronze statues that recreate Rizal's last moment. I only have 4 of the said eight tableaux because there are so many park goers when I visited the execution site. Here are the 4: 

            At exactly 7:03 AM, Rizal was shot at the back by a squad of Filipino Soldiers of the Spanish Army. 

His last words were those of Jesus Christ: "consummatum est",--it is finished. Thanks to Diario De Filipinas on Twitter for bringing us the blow-by-blow event of Rizal's execution as it unfolded 115 years ago.

              He was buried secretly at Paco Cemetery in Manila with no identification of his grave. In the afternoon, her sister Narcisa discovered a newly dug grave at Paco Cemetery (scheduled for another blog post) after touring all possible grave sites. She marks it in marble plaque with Rizal's initials in reverse.          

             I've got my 2nd stamp, still a long way to go. For those who missed the first one, it's here: Rizal Park .

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