Sep 15, 2012

Preserving Mankind with Kojie.san Men

The 21st century presents a new challenge (as previous centuries have) to all of mankind. Previous centuries were defined by how men reacted to the challenges of their respective times. In this modern age, where the world is no more than a click in the virtual highway, mankind is faced with enormous challenges of globalization. With the advent of modern technologies, the world becomes smaller and borderless. History is witness to the fact that the human race became vibrantly intelligent in the past two centuries which propelled the development and advancements of the modern period.

Our era can be described as an age of modernity - due to technological advancements - liberal ideas and cultural influences flowed freely from within and without the defined territories of the world. Ideas of liberalism freed the modern man from the shackles of traditional dogmas and outdated philosophies. Cultural influences made society more adaptable to changes, it teaches the world to be tolerant and respectful of each other. Both phenomenon (liberal ideas and cultural influence) detest discrimination. Given this, the modern man becomes more assured of himself, confident of who and what he have despite the pronounced differences in culture, color, and religion. Say, for example, the issue on sexuality. The modern man does not cringe on this topic, rather, believes in the idea that even sexuality is fluid. Machismo is not anymore the name of the game where brawns rule the world. Hence, the modern man battles the challenges of life with an improved perception of the world and his environment. Muscles and dirt won't be the only category to define "manly". This time, the engagement is cerebral.

As challenges level up, so should the reaction of the modern man. With increased knowledge and powerful tools, the modern man battles life in a different light - psychological. The "self" is the center, everything in our lives revolved around the "self". Nowadays, it is very important to take care of the "self" as it radiates the inner warrior in each individual. A good sense of "self" radiates confidence in everything we do - spirits uplifted that translates to productive outputs. More than having a presentable "self", taking good care of it contributes to the entire sense of an individual's well-being. More importantly, a good sense of being is a vital ingredient of success.

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  1. how can I preserve my mankind with this new generation. Fashion is now a competitions. I just have to be good and take care of myself.