Jan 6, 2012

It's More Fun in The Philippines!

        The new international tourism campaign of the Department of Tourism. The logo is a woven banig with the Philippine Map on it. Unveiled 10:30am, Friday January 06, 2012, Sec. Jimenez said that "we can't just sit back and wait for people to come. But it isn't our (Filipinos) job, therefore we have to challenge for attention... It's time to be proud and competitive...We want the world not just to watch but to join...It is the Filipino that will make a difference...It is the Filipino that completes the Philippine Experience... Anything that you can think for that is more fun in the Philippines is what we want... We need a line that is easily understood. Competitive. More fun in the Philippines is true. Keri natin to..."

        At first I wasn't that happy when they unveil it. Maybe because of the fact that the people waited for so long for this and the Social Media world is buzzing about it this week that makes the expectation so high. But when I saw the new website for this campaign, I now believe Sec. Jimenez. Keri natin to... The website It's More Fun in The Philippines has that "Pinoy Factor" in it.Though it's not that fully developed yet but I already bookmarked it to wait for the upcoming updates. The DOT also encourages everyone to use the hash tag #1ForFUN when posting on twitter. Support the DOT's new campaign. And for Foreigners some good news, DOT will start releasing 30-day Visa's upon arrival in the Philippines. And it just sinks on me now, It really is more fun in the Philippines. Heck, it's more fun in Nasugbu... haha... Pilipinas, Tara Na!

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